"I have known Mr Stuart Lawson a lot of years. I affectionately call him Stu. I have found him to be a gentleman and a good all round guy. As a Martial Artist he is one of the best around. He knows his discipline and has researched many styles, his knowledge of the Martial Arts is vast. I would certainly recommend him as a Senior Instructor. He holds black belts in other disciplines so anybody training under Mr Lawson's Instruction, have no fear this guy's been there, done it"


Professor Andy Fitzgerald

7th Dan American Kenpo Karate



"I have now known Stuart Lawson for a little over 2 Years during which time I have trained with and been his UKE [Partner]. Although considering the relatively short time I have known 'Stu' it seems strange that I can now refer to him as a martial arts brother - this of course is due to his friendly and humble nature. His grasp of the fundamentals of the arts have truly been honed during his 20+ years of dedication to the way. Stuart originally trained with a mutual friend Terry Shepherd who's teachings can clearly be seen in Stuarts skilful approach to Taijutsu. Stuart is a true warrior of the arts and anyone seeking a instruction in 'way' should look no further than Issogai Taijutsu."

-- Adam J. Merton Kancho Shunryu Kenpo

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